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Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”
Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

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Anonymous asked: hi! i'd really love to get the letter D illustration that you've created tattooed, but i'm not exactly comfortable with just slapping someones art on myself without some sort of approval from the artist. your thoughts?

Hiho! Honestly it feels great when someone has your art tattoed so you can definitely use it. If you need a better resolution of picture or something else let me know, i’ll be glad to help you.

Hiho, folks! 
I planed to make this picture for 500 followers anniversary, but i’m so slow that there are almost 700 of you now : D Anyway, thank you to everyone who follows my work! I will continue to work hard and i want you to know that i really appreciate each and every comment and encouragement you guys give to me! 
I know that it’s pretty silly to congartulate you with illustration cuz it’s a collage blog, but I really wanted to do something special and show how much i care. So here is my heart.

priceisrightx26 asked: Do you do commissions?

Hello, priceisrightx26I’ve never done a collage commission cuz usually i’m just browsing some photoes, art, vintage books, atlases etc and come up with some ideas. Making a commission is completely opposite cuz the starting point here is idea. It’s also pretty hard to find high resolution images to work with.

Anyway, i can try to take one. You can write me here on tumblr or drop an e-mail (ffo.art@gmail.com) and if the subject really inspires me i’ll be glad to do it for you :)

Anonymous asked: okay, i *just* got here via scientificillustration reblogging moshita and saw that post about your alphabet and thought, oh, how cute, someone made a font and clicked through and then i was like :-o THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. went through your society6 store and saw that you don't do prints of them right now. will you at some point, though?

So hi there, traveller! Tnaks a lot! I kinda forgot about my society6 account… 

Well, I’ve planed to print this alphabet as a booklet or something, and i’ve never thought of other options. It’s a good idea, so i’ll definitely do something with it.

All my alphabet as one set. Fixed and improved version. 

I deleted the old one cuz it was extra long and displayed the wrong way

For separate letters and higher resolution see

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